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Packages to Promote

This is a list of audio/multimedia packages that I think would benefit the community or some Archers if they were distributed and easily available as binaries. Anyone can edit this and add an entry, in turn suggesting a package for adoption.

Keep in mind that more packages == more resources == costs incurred so a package has to meet at least one criterion:

  • popular
  • useful
  • supplemental or complementary to a promoted package

See: Terms & Conditions

  libgig [dep of linuxsampler]
  qsampler [adds Qt GUI to linuxsampler]
    liblscp [dep of qsampler]
  jsampler [adds Java GUI to linuxsampler]
  gigedit [instrument editor for Gigasamples supported by linuxsampler]

    google-gadgets-common [dep of google-gadgets*]



Collaborate with Cilyan to get the entire suite up and running. Then propose it for promotion to [community].