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Hi, my name's Max! I'm an IT Student, Linux and FOSS geek, metalhead, member of the Russian ArchWiki Translation Team. Using Arch since 2016.

Feel free to contact me:

  • via Email: echo N3RjQHByb3Rvbm1haWwuY29tCg== | base64 -d
  • via Telegram

Other profiles: GitLab :: Unsplash

See also:

Russian ArchWiki pages maintained by me

Translated page Original (English) page
Comparison of desktop environments (Русский) Comparison of desktop environments
Fail2ban (Русский) Fail2ban
Firefox (Русский) Firefox
General recommendations (Русский) General recommendations
Getting involved (Русский) Getting involved
Haveged (Русский) Haveged
Help:Browsing (Русский) Help:Browsing
KDE (Русский) KDE
Main page (Русский) Main page
Network UPS Tools (Русский) Network UPS Tools
Offline installation (Русский) Offline installation
Package group (Русский) Package group
Programming languages (Русский) Programming languages
Scheme (Русский) Scheme
SDDM (Русский) SDDM
systemd (Русский)/Journal systemd/Journal
Telegram (Русский) Telegram
Undervolting CPU (Русский) Undervolting CPU
Video game platform emulators (Русский) Video game platform emulators
XDG MIME Applications (Русский) XDG MIME Applications
XFS (Русский) XFS
Yakuake (Русский) Yakuake

Plans for translations

Or improving the actual ones.

Translated page Original (English) page
Improving performance (Русский) Improving performance
VMware (Русский) VMware
- WireGuard
- mbed TLS
- GnuTLS
- Transport Layer Security
- Vis
Samba (Русский) Samba
- iwd