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thestinger's cute little bot. Still needs a bot tag but I'm just making edits we would have done by hand anyway.

About this bot

Right now I'm using pywikipediabot/pywikibot, and so far just the scripts that are included (the newer pywikibot has a nicer API but doesn't include all the nice scripts) because they cover almost everything ( lets you use regex).

pywikipediabot/pywikibot archwiki family file: Template:File

patch to fix the marker not being removed with the category_attop setting (for pywikipediabot, don't know if pywikibot has the same problem since I'm not using it for categories) [I should probably report this upstream, but I'm not sure if the ArchWiki causes the problem]: Template:File

Current tasks

use language tag in category names

per Talk:Table of Contents#ToC restructuring (this is the first step towards i18n standardization for categories)

wrapper for Template:File

Convenience link to top-level categories: Special:UncategorizedCategories

Finished or nothing to do: