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Hi! My name is Jay. I've been dabbling in Linux since about 2005.

I've tinkered with MANY other distros, including:


I enjoyed Ubuntu when they utilized the Gnome desktop (around the 2.4/2.6 days). It was functional, user and resource friendly. I didn't enjoy the KDE flavors as much. I hated the Unity desktop - Far too much polish, not enough function.


I enjoyed the lightweight, yet very functional LXDE desktop that Mint introduced me to.


Debian was one of my first attempts at a CLI-based headless system for backend apps. I found it to be functional, but not as well supported as Arch. Much of the documentation was out-of-date, leading to faulty builds and installs, inaccuracies in configuration, and other headaches.


KNOPPIX is one of those distros I keep on a multiboot USB for when things go wrong or I need a quick throw-away desktop environment to test something. I find myself often using it to diag and repair my family's "windoze" systems.


Cent was another VPS install. It's pretty rock solid, and fairly well supported, but documentation gets a bit hazy in spots. Sometimes, Cent makes me wish I could have my provider install an Arch ISO for me.


I was first introduced to Arch on a test VPS installation. It was the perfect foundation, and had an excellent community forum and wiki supporting it.

Thanks for stopping by!