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Hi, This is Keshav Amburay. In some places my name will be listed as "Keshav Padram Amburay", where "Padram" is my unofficial middle-name. I am native of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India but I currently reside in Indiana, USA. My native language is Tamil but I am proficient in English.

I am generally interested in Boot Loaders. I maintain various boot loaders in AUR and have contributed and edited various wiki pages, notably those related to [[UEFI] and GPT. For my wiki contributions please refer Special:Contributions/The.ridikulus.rat.

I also maintain few git repos at GitHub, Bitbucket and Gitorious. I also co-maintain Archboot installer code.

For my system info please refer to HCL/Firmwares/UEFI#Lenovo_Thinkpad_Edge_E430_3254-DAQ.

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