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Xterm defaults to black text, the foreground color, on a white background. The foreground and background colors can be reversed using the VT Options menu or with the -rv command line option.

$ xterm -rv
Note: Colors for applications that use the X libraries may be specified in many different ways. Some colors can be specified by assigned names. If emacs or vim has been installed, you can examine /usr/share/emacs/24.2/etc/rgb.txt or /usr/share/vim/vim73/rgb.txt to view the list of color names with their decimal RGB values.

Colors may also be specified using hexadecimal RGB values, with the format rgb:RR/GG/BB, or the older and not encouraged syntax #RRGGBB. The color PapayaWhip is the same as rgb:ff/ef/d5, which is the same as #ffefd5.

See man(7) X, from xorg-docs, for a more complete description of color syntax.

Xterm's foreground color, meaning the default text color, and the background color may be set from the command line, using the options -fg and -bg respectively.

xterm -fg PapayaWhip -bg "rgb:00/00/80"