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Font Packages in Arch Linux

This is a selective list primarily of TrueType fonts. Included are many font packages from AUR.

Latin scripts

  • font-bh-ttf - Bigelow & Holmes Luxi fonts from and
  • ttf-cheapskate - Font collection from
  • ttf-isabella - Font based on the calligraphy of the Isabella Breviary, circa 1497.
  • ttf-junicode - Junius-Unicode font designed for medieval latin scripts but useful for its wide coverage
  • ttf-ms-fonts - Microsoft's TrueType core fonts
  • aur/ttf-ms-fonts-lic - Alternative package of Microsoft's TrueType core fonts

Unicode (glyphs for many languages)


  • Hebrew
    • culmus - nice collection of free Hebrew fonts
  • Korean (Hangul)
  • Thai
    • ttf-thai - font covering glyphs for thai
  • Khmer
    • ttf-khmer - font covering glyphs for khmer language
  • Braille
    • ttf-ubraille - font containing symbols for braille (unicode)
  • Handwritten
    • unsupported/aquafont - Handwritten fixed-width TrueType font ("Package details could not be found." 404-ish as of 2009-05-24)