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* $a:untrue
* $a:untrue
* *!*@gateway/tor-sasl/zipper
* *!*@gateway/tor-sasl/zipper
* *!*@gateway/tor-sasl/zatherz

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General Op

Op yourself: /msg ChanServ op #archlinux tigrmesh

Ban using hostmask: /msg ChanServ ban #archlinux *!*@*.ipt.aol.com

Mute with nick: /mode #archlinux-offtopic +q nick!*@*

Mute with account: /mode #archlinux-offtopic +q $a:nick

Ban forward with account: $a:nick$#archlinux-offtopic

Ban forward with hostmask: /mode #freenode +b *!*@unaffiliated/example$##fix_your_connection

Ban exempt (for eg. tor ban in #aot): /mode #archlinux-offtopic +e $a:account

Join ##fix_your_connection and check every now and then whether it has been fixed, then it can be removed.
(Except for ##fix_your_connection, need to also be opped in the target channel to forward to it)

Some freenode channel and user modes http://freenode.net/using_the_network.shtml

Look up IP address from hostname, If necessary. Sometimes rDNS changes, but IPs don't. http://whatismyipaddress.com/hostname-ip

Adding a new op

As of December 2013, only wonder can make new ops. Actual op making:

  • find out op's NickServ account name
  • give flags: /msg chanserv flags #archlinux account +Aiortv
  • repeat for offtopic: /msg chanserv flags #archlinux-offtopic account +Aiortv
  • message mquin (freenode eir admin) with op's freenode account and hostmask


  • mordor flags also need auto voice: +AViortv
  • add permanent invite to mordor: /mode +I $a:account


  • add op's nick to !listops
  • find out op's phrik username
  • give phrikadmin: admin capability add new_op admin

In the end, the new op should have [#archlinux,op; #archlinux-offtopic,op; admin; alias.add; alias.remove; anonymous.say; topic; anonymous.do; topic.separator; topic.remove; topic.add]


Docs: http://freenode.net/eir.shtml

Who is eir? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eir


Phrik ban commands

admin ignore add <hostmask|nick> [<expires>]
admin ignore list
admin ignore remove <hostmask|nick> 
Aliases are !hush for add and !unhush for remove

This is the output of list admin:

capability add, capability remove, ignore add, ignore list, ignore remove, join, nick, and part

For more info, do

help capability add

List all admins:

user list --capability=admin

Same for owner and user

More here: http://supybook.fealdia.org/latest/

Ban exempts

Tor ban:

  • $a:Berra
  • $a:dorftrottel
  • $a:faiden
  • *!*@gateway/tor-sasl/jemadux
  • $a:samruger
  • $a:untrue
  • *!*@gateway/tor-sasl/zipper
  • *!*@gateway/tor-sasl/zatherz