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Configure file sharing from KDE4 using samba

Sadly, this functionality is implemented using SUID perl script, and as Archlinux does not support SUID scripts nor it has perl-suid package we will have to get our hands dirty.

Note: Works with simple file sharing only at the moment

Work plan:

  1. install packages
  2. configure samba
  3. modify Template:Codeline scripts
  4. create C wrapper for Template:Codeline to work as a SUID binary
  5. configure KDE side of things
  6. share a folder

Packages we will need:

Installing requisites

Install all packages and their dependencies:


Log out and log in again (kdelibs3 are in non standard place and so the PATH must be updated)

Configuring samba

A basic config file works OK, though you'll need to create Samba users (with smbpasswd -a <user name> as root): Template:File

Remember to add samba to DAEMONS in /etc/rc.conf if you want it to start at boot time.

Modifying fileshareset scripts

magic: kcmshell4 fileshare