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[[User:Toofishes/libalpm interface]]
[[User:Toofishes/libalpm interface]]
[[User:Toofishes/Libalpm and LUA]]
==Contact Info==
==Contact Info==

Latest revision as of 01:32, 17 February 2012

Hey! How'd you find me? Well now that you did, have a look around at what I do. This page has been known to go for a year at a time without updating, so beware.

Developer Roadmap


My main focus with Arch Linux has been pacman development. It is how I got my foot into devland and how I plan on staying there. If you wish to contact me or the other pacman developers (Xavier, Allan and I are the full-timers), send us an email on the pacman-dev mailing list.

Pacman Website

Yes, there is a small part of the archlinux.org domain devoted to pacman. That is the lovely pacman website. I've redone it in Asciidoc and it looks pretty slick these days.


I maintain a handful of packages, the most visible being pacman, libarchive, and git.


User:Toofishes/Arch Linux Project Guidelines

User:Toofishes/libalpm interface

User:Toofishes/Libalpm and LUA

Contact Info

Feel free to leave comments on my user talk page and I'll eventually read and respond to it.

Email: dan_at_archlinux.org

IRC: toofishes on irc.freenode.net (#archlinux and #archlinux-pacman)

See the developers page for any other information you'll need on me and the other developers.