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I am using this page to keep track of "stuff". I'm new with Arch. My Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon (Gen 6) just arrived. Time to move away from MacOS once and for all (initial idea mainly because of the new Apple keyboards).


Fiwrmware updates

Can be done through fwupd

System restore snapshots

Setting up system snapshots that can be restored if e.g. an update fails

  • Goal: Create an automatic or manual snapshot that can be restored if needed
  • Creation:
    • Create a backup of the boot folder, as it is not covered by the lvm =>cd /boot =>sudo tar -uvf boot-snap.tar.gz *
    • The root file system snapshot should be created during boot to keep the consistency of the file system
    • Add a loader configuration with the kernel parameter with the systemd target
  • Restore:
    • Check if the boot partition has changed:cd /boot =>sudo tar --compare boot-snap.tar.gz => If yes recreate the old state by extracting files
    • sudo lvconvert --merge /dev/vg0/root-snap => Will automatically merge the snapshot back at the next reboot => This does hang at some point (FIXME), a reboot works.
  • Or remove:sudo lvremove /dev/vg0/root-swap

Service files

Are in .dotfiles/systemd

ToDo / Wishlist

  • Stability testing
    • systester-cli -gausslg 16M -threads 8 -bench -turns 50 -log (first try with -120mv ran for 1 minute before crashing)
    • Settled to -100mv on CPU (as -110 had 3 errors after 60 Minutes), -110 on GPU => No graphic failiures with unigine-haven and systester at the same time
  • Changing the thermal paste?