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Things that involve stuff

Things I had a hard time finding stuff out about

run applications from terminal [1]

Make it not block the terminal:

$ app &

And have it behave quietly:

$ app & > /dev/null

Oh no, I already started it!

press <ctrl+z>
$ bg

And now I want to close the terminal but not end the application...

$ disown

Stuff I keep forgetting things about

Remove pacman orphans + configs


$ pacman -Rsn $(pacman -Qtdq)


Stoopid cache directories, wanna rsync home!

for directory in $(find -iname cache); do 
 newdir=$(echo /home/cache/$(echo $directory | sed "s/\.\/\.\|\/\|\./_/g")); 
 mv $directory $newdir; 
 ln -s $newdir $directory; 

Find trash

Possibly orphaned files...

LC_ALL=C find /bin /opt /sbin /usr /var /etc -type f -exec pacman -Qo {} \; | grep "No package owns"

Neat easy incremental backup

sudo rsync -av --delete --backup --backup-dir=/media/BACKUP/$(date +%F) --force --ignore-errors /home /etc /boot /media/BACKUP/recent > /media/BACKUP/$(date +%F_%T).log

general stuff and other things

screwing / screwed around here

compiz compiz-fusion firefox grub

Got grammar?

Yes, a lot of it. Actually I've got so much grammar, I even keep throwing in additional grammar after the sentence is already finished most of the time. If you find surplus grammar in my writing, feel free to take some of it away and keep it in a safe place where I can't use it to undermine the english language.