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This page describes the step necessary to get all of the features of the ASUS AT3IONT-I [Deluxe] working correctly. It assumes you already successfully installed Arch Linux and installed the basic software (Alsa for audio, wireless_tools and wpa_supplicant packages for wireless in the Deluxe edition, etc.)

Audio over HDMI

Many ION boards exhibit problems when trying to play sound through HDMI. They usually require a custom ALSA configuration.


Also, please note that audio over HDMI currently only works in an X session (graphical environment). If you are trying to get the sound to work when running on a virtual terminal, it won't work.

Tip: Please also see ALSA for more information

Deluxe Edition

The deluxe edition comes with a few extra goodies, such as DC power on-board, mini-PCI WiFi, RCA stereo output, on-board Blutooth, and an included IR Remote.

Remote (Archify(tm) from Ubuntu procedures. Maybe create AUR package.)


Untested, but there should be a driver easily available. See Remote


The wireless chipset is an Atheros AR9285. Template:Command It uses the ath9k driver, which has been included in the default kernel since 2.6.27. In other words, udev should load the driver without problems -- there should be no extra configuration to get wireless working on the ASUS AT3IONT-I.

Tip: Please see Wireless_Setup#ath9k for more information

RCA Jacks