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Hi, I'm Charles.

I have been working with GNU/Linux and other UNIX platforms for more than 13 years. I have a background in security systems and network infrastructure (data and telephony). I've taught courses at local community colleges on Hacking, Computer Security, Computer Forensics, Establishing VPN's, and in combating fraud. I tend to work for School Districts, Hospitals, and for other businesses with a humanitarian focus. I'm currently self-employed, and spend quite of bit of my time consulting; much of it spent working with GNU/Linux systems.

I work with a variety of Linux distributions. Currently, I usually tell people the following:

  • Gentoo or Arch for Development work
  • Ubuntu for those new to GNU/Linux and just want to get up and running.
  • Debian for Servers
  • And never-ever Fedora, SuSE, or Mandriva. I dont have anything against them really, except that they suck. :-P

Oddmuse Hackery


  • World Domination (for GNU/Linux)
  • Make new Friends who want to help in my plan(s) for World Domination
  • Collect Underwear, ??, Profit!

HolyWar Positions

  • GNU/Linux > *OS
  • Bash > zsh > tcsh
  • Vim > Emacs (Nano/Pico is for wussies!)
  • Perl > Python > Ruby > PHP (yuk!)
  • GnuPG > Rot13
  • Reiserfs > Ext3
  • GPL > Evil Corps.
  • Jabber > AOL > ICQ > MSN > Yahoo
  • SIP Products > Skype
  • Wiki > Blog > MySpace (but not by much)

Wishlist for Christmas

  • Books and more Books
  • Underwear
  • World Domination

WebStuff & Contact

SMTP: AIM: cmauch5, ICQ: 1696562, IRC: xterminus