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This page will contain my guide

Follow the Installation_Guide

Swap > 4G in order to allow hibernate Add resume=/dev/sda? to grub ??

Install NetworkManager

Install video driver pacman -S xf86-video-ati

Install Xorg

Install i3

Add user Users_and_Groups#User_management after Xorg to have xinitrc skeleton (add user to audio group)

Install sudo and add this user Install yaourt

Add multilib to pacman

Install NetworkManager applet and add it to startup Install pnmixer applet and add it to startup Install mupdf (pdfviewer) Install Libreoffice (+ Language packs fr-es-en) Install xfce4-screenshooter and map to key Map i3 Mod4 + Pause to shutdown, suspends, ...see i3 Add chinese font Install gvim and clone .vimrc bundle update remove things from i3status Install Thunar and plugins Install file-roller for decompression Install VLC for multimedia Install aur/clearlooks-phenix-gtk-theme-git for gtk theme Install feh and set background

Install and configure screensaver Install git


notify-osd for notifications