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Alternative way to install OpenRC and eudev on Arch

Instead of the AUR, the method I use is to simply build from artoo's git repo, add all the packages to a local repo, and install from that.

Steps include:

mkdir -p ~/builds && cd ~/builds
git clone openrc-eudev
cd ~/builds/openrc-eudev
cd sysvinit && makepkg -s
cd ..
cd openrc-core && makepkg -sd # to ignore sysvinit dependency
cd ..
cd openrc-base && makepkg -s
cd ..
cd openrc-desktop && makepkg -s
cd ..
cd polkit-consolekit && makepkg -s
cd ..
cd consolekit && makepkg -s
cd ..
cd eudev && makepkg -s
cd ..
cd eudev-systemdcompat && makepkg -sd # to ignore eudev dependency
cd ..
cd upower-pm-utils && makepkg -sd
cd ..
mkdir -p ~/builds/openrc-eudev/packages
cp ~/builds/openrc-eudev/*/*.pkg.tar.xz ~/builds/openrc-eudev/packages

This probably takes care of the base. The built packages could be added to a pacman local repo.

After that the built packages could be installed as:

sudo pacman -S openrc-base
sudo pacman -S openrc-desktop
sudo pacman -S eudev-base


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