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Hi, I think it would be really useful to have pacman hooks for a simliar reason:

As a zsh user, whenever I update a package, I need to manually run the rehash built-in so that zsh will recognize new/updated paths.

A pacman PostInstall hook would cut out this step.

Thanks! Noah

binaural gmail com

Matt's Method

-- Piezoelectric 13:00, 11 April 2010 (EDT)

Hey, Allan, I like your idea. In fact I came across it after posting a feature request FS#19044. I'll outline my ideas here in a similar matter to your own.

Directory Layout


This is the general dispatch file, while the entire functionality of this file could be built directly into pacman, and the file itself ignored altogether, I think it's best to do it like this, because what we are going for in the first place is maximum per-user flexibility.


<pkgname>.install example


Each <pkgname>.install should be able to specify when in it will be performed in relation to the install file that comes with the package. Ex: TIMING={before|replace|after}

I'll integrate this idea in a little bit, I just wanted to make note of it in case someone happens across this in the short time that I step away =)

Input From a n00b

Hi. I was gonna take a crack at implementing shell hooks in pacman a few weeks ago, but when I looked into it on the mailing lists/wiki/flyspray, it looked like two or three people had already taken a stab at it, and that development on the feature was being postponed until after package signing/the new libalpm API was done.

Anyway, I wrote something similar for CentOS so that I didn't have to write yum plugins in python for work anymore, borrowing heavily from Matt's idea above. The bulk of the implementation is in this script: Template:File

This doesn't handle per-package or per-file hooks, as I don't have any real immediate use for that, but I just figured I'd share it here in the hopes that it'd useful in some way. I'd definitely like to see per-transaction shell hooks in pacman, maybe with a layout something like:

             /      <-- controls execution of .install files in directories below
             /hooks.d/      <-- per-transaction .install files
             /hooks.pkg.d/  <-- per-package .install files

...and I guess with this layout, you'd want a (or equivalent functionality in pacman) that did what mine does unless it gets a second, optional package argument, in which case it does what Matt's does.

Anyway, HTH --Buce 14:59, 30 June 2011 (EDT)