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Some advices and requests

Hello and welcome to the ArchWiki.

I would like to ask you to explain here (in detail, if needed) the overall scheme at the base of your recent edits to:

It looks like you have deleted some content without providing an explanation, and that is not customary here.

Please remember that there are users who habitually and voluntarily check all the edits that are done to the articles, to try to prevent pages from being damaged, and keeping them clean and tidy, for everybody's sake. Right next to the submit button in edit pages you will find the "Summary" field, where you would be required to briefly provide a description of your edit, also specifying the reasons which led you to do it. Failing to do so, you make the work of the patrolling users much much harder, because they have to figure out what you did and why all by themselves, possibly even forcing them to directly contact you to get an explanation, like in this very case.

I hope you will understand, there are currently more than 12,000 registered users on this wiki (continuously growing), and several dozens of edits are performed every day, so we all have to try and collaborate in the tidiest and most considerate way.

Thank you for cooperating. -- Kynikos 14:33, 12 October 2011 (EDT)