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btfs can be used as an alternative to partion table and that is how it's related... but I'm not gonna fight about it
:I guess you are right to a certain extend. I thought that the way the first sections of the Partitioning article where structured was not that great from the perspective of a Beginner reading it.
:I.e. the old article imho did'nt make it that clear what partition tables where, and also the way the 1st section was organized was confusing imho.
:When i rewrote it i didn't make the time to put the remark about btrfs back in there.
:I'm still not sure if we should include using btrfs directly on device directly here. Sure it is possible, but is it that common?
:If we do include the info, then we should also mention that it is possible to do the same thing with ZFS
:[[User:Bwid|Bwid]] ([[User talk:Bwid|talk]]) 07:46, 24 August 2013 (UTC)

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