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Hey, why did you add out-of-date to Archiso? Can you tell me what parts of the article are out-of-date so I can update it? --Svenstaro 09:24, 17 December 2010 (EST)

  • Because out-of-date respect to current archiso git, will not work, there are some changes in directory structures ($install_dir and $arch). My time just now is a bit limited for update the examples (Makefile, isomounts and syslinux.cfg). If you want to update, see this for reference of what changes are needed. Djgera
  • I made some changes now, but are untested.
  • Added a baseline profile this is unformatted, need some time to format like Makefile in main page with all fancy wiki formatters.

ArchISO encryption

I wonder if you can help; Svenstaro pointed me your way.

I'm am trying to get a fully encrypted ArchISO USB up and running, but I am held back by the fact that the generated image requires that partitions are to be labelled, but Luks formatted partition can't be labelled, so it refuses to find/boot the partition after the passhphrase has been entered.

Would you know a way around this?

Original discussion:


use archisodevice=/dev/xyz parameter. Djgera

ArchISO v2

Would you be able to provide a write on the wiki on how to use your new method of generating an Arch ISO (using device mapper and snapshots)? The mailing list is quite confusing. Thanks.