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Revision as of 18:08, 4 November 2012 by Nonix (talk | contribs) (Mkinitcpio edits: Please explain undo of my Mkinitcpio#HOOKS edit?)
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Care to explain the removal of useful information? T1nk3r3r 06:07, 2 May 2012 (UTC)

  • Care to explain why you would rather document obviously buggy behavior on the Wiki rather than the report the bug and get it fixed? Better yet, it's already fixed in -git because another user did report it. Falconindy 12:29, 2 May 2012 (UTC)
    • Because I "tinker" with software settings so much that I can't be sure it's a bug -- It's not so obvious to non-veteran linux users. None of my searches in the forums turned up anyone else having that issue at the moment. Furthermore, I don't frequent the bug-trackers because I see far too many people cry "bug!" when the issue was simply user-error or a misunderstanding. Obviously you are passionate about this wiki article, and I will present future submissions to the discussion page first to allow for criticism. T1nk3r3r 17:36, 2 May 2012 (UTC)

And again, why did you just revert my 1KB edit on the hooks section and only leave me as explanation: "Most of this is no longer relevant with new lvm2, and this edit suggests wrong syntax in HOOKS."

This does not explain to me why unneeded html and other ugly formatting has to stay, why an example line only with the autodetect hook is better than an explanation what it does, why there should be no sentence mentioning that the wrong order can leave the system unbootable, why the unconventional LUKS on LVM is preferable over LVM on LUKS, why removing pata and scsi has a problem if root is on a sata device, [...]! Please be a bit more carefull when reverting edits, a few sentences on a linked talk page won't hurt anyone!

Trying to understand your explanation above (Most of this is no longer relevant with new lvm2) it came in my mind maybe you meant there is auto-rearrangement done by hooks that fixes in example "wrong" order of encrypt and lvm2. I don't know of that and am not going to look in the code or testing it and maybe having to chroot into an unbootable system. If you know better do appropriate changes but please don't bring back html-formatting! :-)

I also noticed that hooks only affecting image generation but not runtime (in example filesystems, ...) obviously can get listed earlier or later than advised in different articles over the arch wiki. However I think it's best to explain that hooks are executed in the order listed and in general it is good practice to list any hooks in a reasonable order.

As said if you know they do not affect runtime this could get neglected but for some of them (like filesystems) you can't know they won't need runtime capabilities in the future and/or are not expanded by users so maybe this is not even worth mentioning?

The other part of your explanation (this edit suggests wrong syntax in HOOKS) I think you meant the brackets around keymap and shutdown in the LVM on LUKS example line. It is just said there in the sentence above that the keymap hook is optional and I also think it is self explanatory not to really place those brackets there. However I agree in that this is not good formatting and now tried to solve this using italics (not nice as well I personally think) with my last edit.

If you just wanted to remove the crypto content from the article because you are personally not interested in that feel free to take the Merge-Template for granted. I can do the merge if you would rather delete one and copy the other though ;-) just leave me a message here on your talk-page. Note the example line without autodetect can get removed too. As long as the templates are there this section looks unnecessary strange so I will remove the autodetect line if there comes no veto. As well I will remove the merge template if getting no feedback on this after a week or so. --Nonix (talk) 18:08, 4 November 2012 (UTC)