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Re recent edits on GRUB, Change Root, etc:

I started out pulling together info from several Arch and Gentoo wiki pages for a comprehensive Change Root guide at SuperUser. Then I wanted to import this more detailed info back into the Arch wiki, and streamline some of the duplicate content (chroot instructions were/are scattered around at several places).

Reinstalling GRUB seemed ripest for deletion, but one of the arguments voiced against deleting it was that the GRUB page didn't itself contain the instructions for chrooting (even in bare-bones form). My hope was that the info from Reinstalling GRUB could be incorporated into GRUB and Change Root and then the original page could be deleted. Thus getting some overall streamlining. My own inclination, as I think yours, would be to have the chroot instructions only on one page. But not having even the bare-bones steps for chrooting listed with the instructions for reinstalling grub was an argument for keeping Reinstalling GRUB, then I thought OK, let's put the bare-bones steps onto the GRUB page. And distribute the remaining info from Reinstalling GRUB to the other two pages...

Profjim 20:13, 20 March 2010 (EDT)