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Could you please explain why you keep reformatting the Beginners' Guide talk page? Looking through the edit history, many of your edits serve only to hamper readability, in my opinion. Additionally, you appear to blame Thisoldman when Time is the one who is attempting to reformat in order to improve readability.

First case: your latest edit places your paragraph which begins "I agree with Misfit" before Misfit's comment!

Second case: you reverted edits which placed your "Don't Panic" section under the "Suggestions" heading -- was it not a suggestion, or do you simply feel your points deserve more attention than anyone else's?

I only wish to understand your reasoning before reverting edits. Thanks.

-- pointone 16:40, 8 December 2009 (EST)

Agreed. Don't take indent edits as personal offence... Time 17:42, 8 December 2009 (EST)
Thanks for asking, Pointone. Part of your own information was wrong as well. Both Time and Thisoldman have been editing my posts.
First, I don't mind if they edit their own, but they are my posts and not theirs. Editing mine is just rude. It is pretty presumbtuous to do that with anyone!
Second, they were both wrong, as are you. My comment comes in direct relationship to Misfit's first suggestion and his request for comments. That is why I finally just moved mine up in line with that. I also properly used one colon to indent one level, since that is correct at that point. Please note that I was not replying to his follow-up comment.
But the other people were completely wrong because they don't understand how indents work in a comment hierarchy. One indent is for reference to the initial comment. Two indents are for any reference to one of those. Three is in reference to any with two, etc., etc.. Obviously they just don't get it. My comment was obviously and properly on the same level as Time's. To double indent it is to make it a commment to Time, which it clearly is not.
I really don't understand how this simple and comment methodology is not understood by everyone. This ignorance causes a lot problems, and it could be avoided by just asking one of us who know better.
Regarding your second point, I specifically wanted it to be it's own section because it is an issue between Misfit and I. It is not a suggestion; it is a statement of fact. (Some of the time he does well, and sometimes he doesn't get it. But what can you do?) It stands alone as a commment on another shortsighted edit.
I really don't understand the reason behind all the editing of the talk page. Everyone who starts another subject should be starting a new section. This is the way it is done on most other wiki pages, and I don't know who it was but editing these are not helpful at all.
In any case, I hope you can now understand what is going on. I am offended when inexperienced and less knowledgable people continue to edit things they can't understand. Case in point, check out Thisoldman's page. Write good? In English class we say "write well". Everything else becomes suspect at that point. There is no excuse for poor editing when those with more experience stand ready to help. My suggestion to all would be to please ask before making any changes to anyone's comments.
Thanks for asking. I hope that answers your questions. - KitchM 19:56, 8 December 2009 (EST)