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TU Meeting Agenda

Saturday, July 30th @ 16:00 GMT

  • Current Agenda
    • TU Voting Forum
    • Expanding the TU workload
    • "Flag safe" function
    • Adoption of dibble's guidelines (Paul already added them to the page...)
    • Final Dissolution of old TURs
    • Other?

I would like to propose that we add a little more stuff to the TU mission. Like maintain documents(wiki) and write the newsletter. So that we should not be just packagemonkeys. /xerxes2

Hmmm, interesting - sounds like something worth discussing. /var/phrakture

Well, I look forward to disagreeing with that in the meeting :) /dibble

You already qualify as a (almost) perfect TU dibble so you don't have to worry that we should give you the boot. :) /xerxes2