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Thanks for your instructons in the ASUS Eee PC wiki page, my 1015B now works fine.

I found some more things about ASUS EeePC 1015B ,like Wireless device, ACPI Warning and bluetooth.

In my 1015B, the Wireless LAN Controller is Broadcom BCM4313, which use module brcmsmac.

The Atheros Communications' device is Fast Ethernet, which use module atl1c.

However, since udev 177, It is needed to load the brcmsmac module manually to avoid dead-locks during boot process.

bug report:

bug explanation:

Could I just add those information or need to do something befor I revise the wiki page?

Feel free to add anything. I'm happy to know someone else owns a 1015B. --Pyropeter 13:04, 12 February 2012 (EST)