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Breakdown of changes

I've been told my changes are hard to follow, and this--in part--led to the reversion of several months' work on the AUR page and splitting half of it into a protected page. I will try here to describe the changes as best I can. Nonetheless, if you are looking to compare the draft to the current page that is what you should do; rather than digging through edit histories, compare the two at their current state (just like you would two drafts of a physical document), and leave feedback from this comparison.

As some changes depend on others, this breakdown will be in the order such changes are intended to be made.

Publishing new package content

The tip regarding gitignore(5) is located at the bottom of this section; so it is likely that first-time readers will miss it when pushing their package repository. This belongs closer to the section where a user is told how to create a repository, and backed up by use of git add -f in the example.

Another change here was to relegate several points of advice that are not necessarily required parts of the process into a Template:Note.

Finally, the instructions about adding and committing could be more optimally worded.

This was done in four sequential edits, starting here.