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(Concerning the "networkmanager" wiki page)
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Concerning the "networkmanager" wiki page

I see you've moved the gnome-keyring requirement for storage of encryption keys to the GNOME section, I had added that to the troubleshooting section because of these reasons:

  • gnome-keyring is installed when a user installs gnome like so:
sudo pacman -S gnome
  • gnome-keyring is not installed as a dependency for networkmanager or nm-applet.

This means that users of the GNOME desktop will always have this package installed, and hence never have the problem of not storing encryption keys. Users of other DE / WM systems, however, will have this issue.

I didn't want to undo your change without at least discussing this, perhaps there's something I'm missing.

-- stefanwilkens 07:25, 14 September 2010 (EDT)