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(AUR packages in need of removal)
(Articles I try to keep an eye on)
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== Articles I try to keep an eye on ==
* [[Touchpad_Synaptics]]
* [[GNOME]]
* [[GDM]]
* [[Glftpd]]
* [[SABnzbd]]
== Articles in need of loving ==
* [[CPU_Frequency_Scaling]]
* [[VirtualBox]] - specifically the installation section
* [[Usenet Resource Downloader]] - needs a complete rewrite
* [[MySQL]] - [[Help:Style]]
* [[LAMP]] - It's a giant mess.
* [[Pacnew_and_Pacsave_Files]] - quite a bit of stuff there that shouldn't.
== AUR packages in need of removal ==
I stockpile AUR packages that need to be removed here, I batch e-mail this whenever the list gets big enough (10+)
name: gnome-shell-pidgin
aur link: https://aur.archlinux.org/packages.php?ID=48068
reason: no development since 2010, no longer functional with current gnome, superceeded by other plugins

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