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About code style: I'm basing myself off the ArchWiki Tutorial (English)'s category recommendations (put them on bottom) and on its source code for the one line format, along with wikipedia guidelines for categories.

Categories go on bottom because it's more representative of what the page looks like, and this makes editing for beginners easier and more intuitive.

Putting them ontop also makes sense because that's where the rest of the meta tags are, e.g., i18n links.

Which one is the ArchWiki's way? ;) manolo 18:42, 16 November 2009 (EST)

I don't see where in the ArchWiki Tutorial it says to place categories at the bottom (I see now that someone had changed it this year...I will revert it). In general, this is not a practise that we follow because of the usability issues raised previously. That's not to say that all articles follow this, but from the number of edits you've done today I think you can see that most do. I disagree that placing categories at the bottom makes it more intuitive. In my opinion placing all meta data in a single place is far more intuitive than splitting it up across the top and bottom of an article. Since it's less work to place it all at the top, that's what we do.
As for placing categories on a single line, it's a trivial choice really and doesn't significantly change the difficulty of editing articles. It's just easier to read a list of short items than it is to read a long line consisting of brackets and braces. ~ Thayer Nov 16 16:11:40 PST 2009