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{{i18n|Using 32-bit applications on Arch64}}
[[de:32Bit-Programme unter Arch64]]
[[fr:Utiliser des applications 32bits avec Arch64]]
[[fr:Utiliser des applications 32bits avec Arch64]]

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64-Bit-Processors like Athlon 64 are able to execute 32- and 64-bit programs at the same time.


32bit packages can now be found in the [multilib]-repository. You will need to add this repository before downloading any 32bit lib.


You will always need to install lib32-glibc in order to execute 32-bit-programs. It might be necessary to fake the output of uname. Use the package linux32 for this.

Some legacy C++ programs also need lib32-libstdc++5.


Programs using OpenGL need one of the following libraries:

  • Open source drivers: lib32-{ati,intel,mach64,mga,nouveau,r128,savage,sis,tdfx,unichrome}-dri
  • Closed source drivers: lib32-{catalyst,nvidia}-utils
  • Software rendering: lib32-libgl


Programs using QT should run at once after installing lib32-qt.

Alsa & OpenAL

For Alsa and OpenAL-Support you have to install lib32-alsa-lib and lib32-openal.

Tested Applications

  • Doom3, Enemy-Territory, Unreal Tournament
    • 32-bit opengl library (specific to driver), lib32-alsa-lib, [lib32-libstdc++5, lib32-openal]
  • Diablo II, Warcraft III
    • 32-bit opengl library (specific to driver), lib32-alsa-lib, [For Warcraft: lib32-openal]

Environment Variables

Some useful Env Variables when running 32bit-applications without chroot:

For gtk2 input modules and such


For pango (lib32-pango includes these config files)


Iconv (conversion from 'XXXXXXX' is not supported or cannot convert from X to Y -errors)


Library paths without having them in /etc/ld.so.conf


GDK stuff (GdkPixbuf warnings errors criticals, lib32-gtk2 includes the file)