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abs provides a prototype for cvs, svn, git and darcs. Just do pacman -S abs and look in /usr/share/pacman.

A few tips

  • Suffix pkgname with -cvs or -svn or -git where applicable - this prevents confusion with non-development versions e.g. fluxbox-svn or fvwm-cvs vs fluxbox and fvwm.
  • When makepkg is run it will check for newer revisions and then bump pkgver to the latest. If this is not what you want see the --holdver in man makepkg. Note that this only works correctly for cvs and svn, which allow to checkout an older date or revision.
  • You must also be careful about pacman conflicts. For example fluxbox-svn will conflict with fluxbox. In this case you need to use the conflicts= field
You should also use the provides= field so that pkgs that require fluxbox to be installed recognize your fluxbox-svn pkg as fluxbox
You should AVOID using replaces= it generally causes unnecessary problems
  • When using/defining the cvsroot use anonymous:@ rather than anonymous@ to avoid having to press enter to give blank password OR anonymous:password@ - if a password is required.
  • Though it is often unneccesary to use the pkgrel field when building CVS/SVN/GIT pkgs (any changes to the pkg will often be on another day and so are usually accounted for by a change in pkgver [assuming pkgver is used to hold a date format], makepkg will require it.
  • don't forget to include the appropriate vcs tool (cvs,subversion,git,...) in makedepends= as necessary
  • to preserve the integrity of the checked out code it is usually possible to build in a separate build dir e.g. having checked out source code to src/$_cvsmod from $startdir you can use:
  mkdir src/$_cvsmod-build

  cd src/$_cvsmod-build

OR if that fails you can try:

  cp -r src/$_cvsmod src/$_cvsmod-build
  cd src/$_cvsmod-build
  • With the introduction of the AUR it is most important to avoid using backtick execution to create pkg variables. makepkg will automatically bumps the pkgver anyway when building the package (unless --holdver is used).

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