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Creating PKGBUILDs for software managed with version control systems.
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Guidelines for creating PKGBUILDs for software managed with version control systems.


The Template:Package Official package provides prototypes for cvs, svn, git and darcs PKGBUILDs. When abs is installed, you can find them in Template:Filename.


  • Check for package conflicts. For example fluxbox-svn will conflict with fluxbox. In this case, you need to use Template:Codeline.
  • You should AVOID using Template:Codeline as it generally causes unnecessary problems.
  • Though it is often unnecessary to use the Template:Codeline field when building CVS/SVN/GIT packages (changes to the package are usually often and will be reflected in the Template:Codeline), makepkg will require it.
  • Don't forget to include the appropriate VCS tool (cvs, subversion, git, ...) in Template:Codeline.
  • To preserve the integrity of the checked-out code consider copying the original build directory if you have to make edits. For example, having checked out source code to Template:Filename from Template:Filename you can use:
mkdir src/$_cvsmod-build

cd src/$_cvsmod-build


cp -r src/$_cvsmod src/$_cvsmod-build
cd src/$_cvsmod-build
  • With the introduction of the AUR, it is most important to avoid using backtick execution to create package variables. makepkg will automatically bump the Template:Codeline anyway when building the package (unless Template:Codeline is used).