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VOGL is a tool created by Valve Software and RAD Game Tools for OpenGL debugging. It is able to capture, replay and inspect OpenGL call tracefiles.


The development version vogl-gitAUR is available on the AUR. The resulting binaries are installed into /opt/vogl.

Capturing a tracefile

To obtain a tracefile run the following command from within your vogl directory. VOGL_CMD_LINE="--vogl_tracefile /tmp/vogltrace.bin" LD_PRELOAD=/opt/vogl/libvogltrace64.so <command> Where <command> is the command to launch your OpenGL application. Your tracefile will be created in your /tmp directory. WARNING: These files get big very fast! 1-2 minutes result in about 1GB of captured calls.

VOGL ships with several sample files from the OpenGL SuperBible book for testing.

VOGL_CMD_LINE="--vogl_tracefile /tmp/vogltrace.bin" LD_PRELOAD=/opt/vogl/libvogltrace64.so ./OGLSuperBible/fogged_ch664

Replaying the tracefile

To replay your trace launch the voglreplayer from within your vogl directory.

$ ./voglreplay64 /tmp/vogltrace.bin

Inspecting the tracefile

Launch the vogleditor binary and open the tracefile.bin with the "File - Open Trace" menu.

$ ./vogleditor64


Read about the limitations on this blog post.