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OpenSSH has built-in VPN support using -w<local-tun-number>:<remote-tun-number>.

Set up

Create tun interfaces

Create tun interfaces:

$ cat /etc/network.d/vpn


Then do 'netcfg -u vpn' or add it into /etc/conf.d/netcfg.

Also You may manage tun interfaces with 'ip tunnel' command.

Creating interfaces in SSH command

SSH can create both interfaces automatically, but you should configure IP and routing after connection established.

ssh \
  -o PermitLocalCommand=yes \
  -o LocalCommand="sudo ifconfig tun5 pointopoint netmask" \
  -o ServerAliveInterval=60 \
  -w 5:5 vpn@example.com \
  'sudo ifconfig tun5 pointopoint netmask; echo tun0 ready'

Start SSH

ssh -f -w5:5 vpn@example.com -i ~/.ssh/key "sleep 1000000000"

or you may add keep-alive options if you are behind a NAT.

ssh -f -w5:5 vpn@example.com \
        -o ServerAliveInterval=30 \
        -o ServerAliveCountMax=5 \
        -o TCPKeepAlive=yes \
        -i ~/.ssh/key "sleep 1000000000"


  • ssh should have access rights to tun interface or permissions to create it. Check owner of tun interface and/or /dev/net/tun.
  • Obviously if you want to access network (not single machine) you should set up properly IP packet forwarding, routing and maybe netfilter on both sides.

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