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Vim (Vi IMProved), which stands for Vi IMproved, is an text editor extended from vi. It was first released by Bram Moolenaar in 1991. Since then, numerous features have been added to Vim, many of which are helpful in editing program source code. Vim is today one of the two most popular editors for programmers and users of Unix-like operating systems, alongside Emacs. gVim is the vim version with GTK2 User Interface.


  • To install vi (Part of base so most users should have it already. Serves vi binary only, ex, vidiff and the whole runtime. No X-server capabilities, and it listens /etc/virc and ~/.virc only! )
pacman -S vi
  • To install vim (X capabilities(can drag splits in xterms, runs as server etc), Ruby,python and Perl-support. listens to /etc/vimrc ~/.vimrc)
pacman -S vim
  • To install gvim (Just like vim but with gtk2 interface and listens to /etc/gvimrc and ~/.gvimrc)
pacman -S gvim
  • There is also a group of selected popular vim scripts available via pacman
pacman -S vim-plugins

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