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#REDIRECT: [[Vim#Example configurations]]
[[Category:Text editors]]
An example {{ic|~/.vimrc}} covering common options.
== Setup ==
I install this as {{ic|/etc/vimrc}} if possible. Individual users can use a Vim configuration file in their home directories.
{{hc|~/.vimrc|source /etc/vimrc}}
To install for a single user, just save it in their home dir at {{ic|/home/username/.vimrc}}
== Portability ==
For the portability needed to work on many different systems, this does not rely on any plugins other than those built into the default installation of Vim 7.0.
It works well on all types of consoles, and depending on the TERM environment variable (and whether it has the right term capabilities) it will load 256 color support or not. Usually on a new system I just scp this right over and it works without any modifications. But it is an ongoing work in progress.
== Vimrc ==
Here is a colorscheme file optimized for 256 colors.  It will work if saved in {{ic|~/.vim/colors/askapachecode.vim}} or likewise in your runtimepath.  Additionally, you could just paste it in the bottom of the above vimrc.
The code really needs to be cleaned up, but it looks awesome.
==See also==
Some more examples can be found in [[Vim#Example_configurations]].

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