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Vimprobable is a WWW browser that behaves like the Vimperator plugin available for Mozilla [Firefox]. It is based on the WebKit engine (using GTK bindings). It is a fork of the currently abandoned vimpression.

There are two versions of Vimprobable: Vimprobable and Vimprobable2. Both versions are actively maintained. The first version can only be customised by editing config.h before compiling. It is pretty stable and very usable. Version 2, while also stable, is under active development; it aims at allowing more customisation, for example through :set and :map commands.

Both versions of Vimprobable are available in the AUR.


You can install either version of Vimprobable with an AUR helper, or elect to build it yourself.


Both version require you to make customizations in the Template:Filename file before recompiling with

$ makepkg -efi

Additionally, Vimprobable2 will look for a configuration file called Template:Filename that has a number of options that can be configured without any need to recompile.