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[[Category:Virtual Network Computing]]

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Vino is a VNC (Virtual Network Computing) server allowing remote connection to your actual desktop. It is a default component of the Gnome Desktop Environment.

How to Install on Arch

To install Vino type the following:

# pacman -S vino

If you are running gnome you need to restart gnome so that the vino-server is started automatically when enabling the remote desktop feature.

You can then configure vino via the following command :

# vino-preferences

Now you can connect remotely to your desktop via a VNC viewer like TightVNC. Remember to forward Port 5900 if you are behind a NAT and to allow the connection through iptables.

If you use some standalone wm like openbox and it doesn't work , you can start the vino-server manually or add the command to the wm autostart script

# /usr/lib/vino/vino-server &