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Reason: Removed from the official repositories (Discuss in Talk:VisualBoyAdvance-M#)

Visual Boy Advance is a very popular Game Boy Advance emulator. It supports Game Boy, Super Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance games. These games all come in the form of ROMS. They are then loaded and played. It uses 3 rendering engines in the Linux version, They are OpenGL, Cairo, and Xvideo. It includes some useful features including fullscreen, image filters, save, load, screen capture, key mapping, frame throttling, and some extra sound and video filters.


Hint: VBA has been removed from the Official Repositories. The fork vba-m is available in the AUR.


You can install visualboyadvance from Official Repositories.


# VisualBoyAdvance

Full screen, no debug messages, doesn't show speed % on screen.

# VisualBoyAdvance -F -N --no-show-speed

Default controls are:

 Left          Left Arrow  (0114)
 Right         Right Arrow (0113)
 Up            Up Arrow    (0111)
 Down          Down Arrow  (0112)
 A             Z           (007a)
 B             X           (0078)
 L             A           (0061)
 R             S           (0073)
 Start         ENTER       (000d)
 Select        BACKSPACE   (0008)
 Speed up      SPACE       (0020)
 Capture       F12         (0125)


There are a couple known issues during installation When trying to run VBA after an install you may get this after typing in gvba.

~$ Failed to open audio: Fragment size must be a power of two
Segmentation fault

VBA has been updated to fix this but if you still get this error it may be fixed by editing /src/vbam/src/common/SoundSDL.cpp and editing the function

    bool SoundSDL::init(long sampleRate)

Editing the audio sample has helped me before. If you feel this is too technical, you should contact the developers at the vba forums because this issue should now be resolved.

If you are getting errors about OpenGL and video output the problem is most likely that the video output choice is wrong. To fix this edit the configuration file. In the directory /home/<USER>/.config/gvbam

In the Display Section of the config file changing the line from






Has been known to fix the problem.

Also the Directories for which VBA will search for the game saves and ROMs can sometimes revert back to the default setting. If prefer to keep you saves and ROMs in a specific directory you may want to edit the config file in /home/$USER/.config/gvbam You may then set the permissions to read-only to prevent VBA from changing them.Take note that any time you change a setting and save while the cofig file is on read-only it will not save. Putting it to read-only effectively "locks" the file from any annoying changes.

In the Directories section simply enter in your preferred directory like this.

Also make sure your new config file is saved as "config" and not "config~".