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Visual Studio Code is a cross-platform, free and open-source (licensed under the MIT License) text editor developed by Microsoft and written in JavaScript and TypeScript. It is built on the Electron framework and is extensible using extensions, which can be browsed from within the text editor itself (via its extension gallery) or from While open-source, a proprietary build (licensed under an End-User License Agreement) provided by Microsoft is available and used as the basis for the visual-studio-code-binAUR AUR package (for an explanation of the mixed licensing, see this GitHub comment).


The following packages provide VSCode:


Run code for:

Run code-oss for:

If for any reason you wish to launch multiple instances of Visual Studio Code, the -n flag can be used.


code stores settings in ~/.config/Code - OSS/User/settings.json.

visual-studio-code-binAUR stores settings in ~/.config/Code/User/settings.json.

Integrated Terminal

View > Integrated Terminal or Ctrl + ` opens up an integrated terminal. By default, Bash is used with no additional arguments, although this can be changed. sets the default shell to be used and terminal.integrated.shellArgs.linux sets the arguments to be passed to the shell.


"": "/usr/bin/fish",
"terminal.integrated.shellArgs.linux": ["-l","-d 3"]

External Terminal

If you are using Terminator as default terminal for Arch and you have an error on Visual Studio Code: Unable to launch debugger worker process (vsdbg) through the terminal. spawn truecolor ENOENT, you can change the terminal that will be used by Visual Studio to another terminal (eg gnome-terminal).

"terminal.external.linuxExec": "Yours alternative terminal" sets the default terminal to be used for exec debug.


"terminal.external.linuxExec": "gnome-terminal"


Global menu not working in KDE/Plasma

Visual Studio Code uses DBus to pass the menu to Plasma, try installing libdbusmenu-glib