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(The interface database does not need to be created manually)
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To find more options, use:
To find more options, use:
  # vnstat --help
  # vnstat --help
== See Also ==
[http://gotux.net/arch-linux/vnstat-network-monitor/ VnStat Custom WebUI]{{Dead link|2015|06|28}}

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vnStat is a lightweight (command line) network traffic monitor. It monitors selectable interfaces and stores network traffic logs in a database for later analysis.


Install vnstat from the official repositories.


First open /etc/vnstat.conf with your editor and check the interface name is set right, eg.:

# Interface "enp3s0"

Start Systemd Service

After introducing the interface(s) and checking the config file. You can start the monitoring process via systemd

# systemctl start vnstat.service

To make this service permanent use

# systemctl enable vnstat.service


Query the network traffic:

# vnstat -q

Viewing live network traffic usage:

# vnstat -l

To find more options, use:

# vnstat --help