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WMFS (Window Manager From Scratch) is a lightweight and highly configurable tiling window manager for X. It can be configured with a configuration file, supports Xft (Freetype) fonts and is compliant with the Extended Window Manager Hints (EWMH) specifications. It's still under heavy development


wmfs is available from the unsuportet [AUR] . Due the high development rate its reccomended to use the git version.

Go to your $BUILD directory and get the PKGBUILD files, unpack it and head into it.

wget http://aur.archlinux.org/packages/wmfs-git/wmfs-git.tar.gztar 
xvvfz wmfs-git.tar.gz
cd wmfs-git

Lets make the package and install it.

makepkg -s
pacman -U  wmfs-git-$VERSION-i686.pkg.tar.gz

Create a folder for the config file and put a copy of the example config file there

mkdir -p ~/.config/wmfs
cp $BUILD/wmfs-git/src/wmfs-build/wmfsrc ~/config/wmfs

To use wmfs as windowmanager

echo "exec wmfs" > ~/.xinitrc


The config file is quite self-explanatory. More detailed informations will follow soon.

If you want to use the win-key instead of the ALT you have to replace ALT trough SUPER in the config file e.g

key { mod = { "Super" } key = "p" func = "launcher" cmd = "launcher_exec" }

If you press win + p the launcher in the titlebar(similar to dmenu) will be startet. It also supports tab-completition.