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Wallpapoz is a tool that provides dynamic wallpapers for GNOME and XFCE desktops. Moreover different wallpapers can be used for different desktops. This article will explain how to install, configure and use wallpapoz.
== Installation ==
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Install {{AUR|wallpapoz}} from the [[Arch User Repository]].
=== Configuration ===
The configuration is done using an XML file that can look like the following:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><!DOCTYPE Wallpapoz><wallpapoz interval="60" random="1" style="1" type="desktop">
All the settings can be done using the wallpapoz GUI.
=== Start daemon ===
In order to use the daemon that changes the pictures, it can simply be started using the terminal:
{{bc|$ /usr/bin/daemon_wallpapoz}}
To start the daemon automatically with every boot, a GNOME desktop file can be written that executes the daemon everytime GNOME loads.
Write the following lines to {{ic|.config/autostart/wallpapoz.desktop}}:
[Desktop Entry]
Name=wallpapoz daemon
Comment=start daemon for wallpapoz in order to change wallpaper dynamically
== Script to add all images from a folder ==
The GUI is also able to add all images of a directory to the xml file. If the content of a directory changes from time to time the GUI handling is a bit suffisticated. To simplify the process of adding all images of a directory to the xml file the following script can be used:
Copy the following lines to a new file {{ic|~/update-wallpapers}}, whereas the '''bold''' printed parts should be specified:
# works with wallpapoz
head -n 1 $WPFILE > $WPFILENEW
for file in $FOLDER/*.{jp*g,png}
  echo "    <file>$file</file>" >> $WPFILENEW
  i=$[$i + 1]
echo "</wallpapoz>" >> $WPFILENEW
echo "DONE: found $i files"
Make the file executable
{{bc|$ chmod +x update-wallpapers}}
Move the file to the PATH. This can either be done by adding the file to the PATH manually or simply moving it to a directory which is already part of the PATH:
{{bc|# mv update-wallpapers /usr/bin/}}
Whenever a new image is added to the folder the script has to be called in order to add it to the xml file:
{{bc|$ update-wallpapers}}
The script takes the first line from the old version of the xml file to keep the parameters like duration the same.
== See also ==
* [https://vajrasky.wordpress.com/wallpapoz/ Project website]

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