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This article is outdated and in bad shape. I am going to clean it up a bit. --Zearan 05:48, 21 March 2009 (EDT)

WarCraft III is broken in general (Campaign freeze, load freeze, no Battle.net, replay freeze, etc) as of wine version 0.9.46+ If you want to play WarCraft III under wine you should get version 0.9.45. PKGBUILD is in this thread.

EDIT: Wine 0.9.51 has just been reliased and I compiled it and tested War 3 with it and it finaly works! No need to use version 0.9.45 anymore! Upgrade as soon as that version hits arch repos ;) (or change the first line in the original PKGGBUILD and the md5sums.

EDIT 2: Wine 0.9.54 has just been reliased and sadly WarCraft III/Frozen Throne are completely broken now... you cannot even launch the game... I recommend you not to upgrade your wine to this version if you wish to play War 3... There are no known fixes of this issues as it was reported a matter of hours ago (16:34 26.01.2008)

EDIT 3: On my machine Warcraft III is just working fine (Monday, November 03 2008, WINE 1.1.7)

Warcraft III is a 3D RTS game created by Blizzard: Main Site.

This article will describe how install and run it on Arch Linux using Wine.


Warcraft III can be run with full OpenGL support, meaning you don't need the non-free Cedega. Warcraft III can be run perfectly using Wine itself, which allows you to NOT pay for Cedega, and also allows you to support free, open source software.

Installing Wine

Currently, you're going to want to install Wine 0.9.45. At the time of this writing, 0.9.53 is available in the Arch repos. I recommend you use ABS - The Arch Build System to install 0.9.45 as battle.net is broken in version 0.9.46+,partially fixed in versions 0.9.51 to 0.9.53 (you are unable to host games) and WarCraft III is completely broken in 0.9.54 (you can't even launch the game in 0.9.54) You'll also want to run 'winecfg' and change a few settings to your liking before running the install CD.

Configuring wine

This shows you how to configure wine before installing WarCraft III and The Frozen Throne

Windows version

In order to make copy protection work under wine you must switch your windows version to Xp or 2000.


Both OSS and ALSA work (Although on my specific hardware many games including WarCraft III and Heroes 3 just crash with alsa. This is a wine issue on certain hardware and If alsa doesn't work for you (You're shown black screen after game launch) The switch to OSS) NOTE: Using aoss makes sound glitch every three seconds so I don't recomend to use it.


In order for the Copy Protection to work you must add a cdrom device: Add device, set path to /mnt/cd (or whatever you use when you mount cdrom) and change the device type to cdrom.


The following process will detail how to install Warcraft III, and the expansion 'The Frozen Throne', update to the current version [Version 1.21a as of this writing].

Installing Warcraft III, The Reign of Chaos

This is rather simple. I DO NOT support cracked versions of this game. Buy the game, it's not expensive, and Battle.net is free to use.

  • Place the CD in your drive, and mount it (or let it automount if that's how your machine is setup)
  • Run
wine /path/to/cd/install.exe
  • Follow the dialog boxes and enter your Key when it asks for it.

Installing Warcraft III, The Frozen Throne

Please follow the exact same process outlined in #Installing Warcraft III, The Reign of Chaos, using the Frozen Throne CD instead.

Upgrading to the Current Patch Level : 1.21a

I didn't test whether you can update directly via Battle.net but if you cannot download and apply patch manually: Find patches here Download War3TFT_121a_English.exe and run:

wine /path/to/War3TFT_121a_English.exe

You have now successfully patched your installation. You can now launch the game: (note that you need your original cd inserted)

wine /path/to/Frozen\ Throne.exe -opengl

Post installation tricks

Default launch with OpenGl rendering

If you want the WarCraft III to launch by default with opengl rendering (Direct3D rendering is slow, but playable) run

wine regedit

Got to [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Blizzard Entertainment\Warcraft III] Add a dword key with Name Gfx OpenGL and value 00000001

Alt key combo

If you like to use alt+left click for minimap signal and you are using KDE/Gnome you'll find that this feature doesn't work due to keyboard shortcuts with alt, that your Desktop Environment uses:

If you're using gnome: The option to change the key binding is in System Menu -> Preferences Menu -> Windows.

If you're using KDE: Go into KDE Control Center, expand Desktop, click window behavior, then click window actions tab. You can turn off the alt-combos. If you want to make window specific settings, click on window specific settings under window behavior on the side.


Congratulations. You should now be able to run Warcraft III under Arch Linux. I'd highly recommend you take a look at the mod "Defense of the Ancients" (DotA for short). You won't regret it.