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The WeTab is a tablet-PC by 4tiitoo and Neofonie.

BIOS Update

Warning: This part is incomplete and you might have to do your own research about it. Nobody can guarantee that you can't make your WeTab unusuable (brick)

Download the Bios-Update-Stick-V2.zip from pherzog's website and apply the .img file inside the zip with dd to a USB Stick like that:

dd if=./Bios-Update-Stick-V2.img of=/dev/sdx

The text file in the zip describes how to boot the USB Stick, this one is a non-literal translation:

  • Have the WeTab turned on. Also, have the WeTab connected with the charger, the USB Stick and a Keyboard.
  • Turn it off while holding down the "Hotkey" (Upper-left, that touch-sensitive circle)
  • It should reboot after approximately five seconds.
  • Hold down the "Hotkey" and smash on F11 like it's the last thing you could do before death.
  • Select the USB Stick as boot device, follow your common sense from now on.



There's a very hacky solution for getting the HDMI-slot to work in Archlinux.

You first have to install chrontel-wetab-rpm from the AUR.

Then execute the following commands as root:

modprobe i2c-dev
mv /dev/i2c-0 /dev/i2c-2
Note: if mv tells you that i2c-0 doesn't exist, try i2c-14 instead. It depends on the kernel.
  • When you see something on the screen you've plugged on the HDMI-port, you can kill the tiitoo-hdmi-daemon. But you don't have to.
  • These commands have to be executed on every booting process.
  • The graphics card in the WeTab is only capable of cloning the output of the internal screen to the HDMI-port, with the same resolution. Because of that, the driver doesn't need a running Xorg to function properly.