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--cactus 18:45, 23 Jul 2005 (EDT)


The goal of this how to is to setup webdav with apache. Simple configuration only.

Required packages

  • apache
  • cadaver (for testing)

Apache Installation

This how to does not cover installation and initial setup of apache.%%%

WebDav Configuration

Step 1: Edit /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf

Add the following line:

DAVLockDB /home/httpd/DAV/DAVLock

Make sure you add it outside of any other directives, at the \"top level\" of the config file heirarchy.

  • note: I put it right under the DocumentRoot definition.

Next, add the following:

<Directory "/home/httpd/html/dav">
AllowOverride None
Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
  • note: This should also be put in the top level heiracrchy. I put it right before the "UserDir public_html" section, and after the most previous "</Directory>".

Step 2: Create needed directories and assign permissions

(root@box httpd)# mkdir -p /home/httpd/DAV
(root@box httpd)# chown -R nobody.nobody /home/httpd/DAV
(root@box httpd)# mkdir -p /home/httpd/html/dav
(root@box httpd)# chown -R nobody.nobody /home/httpd/html/dav

Step 3: Restart apache

(root@box httpd)# /etc/rc.d/httpd restart


Step 1: Install cadaver

Cadaver is a command line webdav client. It is good for testing. If it is not in a repository, you can download the file manually from my repository and install it, or you can add my repository to your repo list in pacman.conf. For more information about those options check CacTus. Ok. Now back to it..

(root@box httpd)# pacman -S cadaver

Step 2: Try to connect

Note: ipaddress can also be a hostname

(root@box httpd)# cadaver http://ipaddress/dav
dav:/dav/> mkcol test
Creating `test': succeeded.
dav:/dav/> ls
Listing collection `/dav/': succeeded.
Coll:   test                                   0  Feb 22 20:31
dav:/dav/> exit

That's it. If the above worked as shown, then you are good to go.
Make sure you add permissions for viewing and dav access to the directory, and maybe even make that directory ssl access only.
Thos are beyond the scope of this howto, as it is a simple one. Maybe more info will be forthcoming. Feel free to make your own howto about how to do that. :P