Web application package guidelines

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This page describes how to package web application which tends to install into /srv/http. (For example packages written in php)

Directory structure

Layout example:

  • /etc/webapps/$pkgname
  • /etc/webapps/$pkgname/apache.example.conf
  • /etc/webapps/$pkgname/nginx.example.conf
  • /etc/webapps/$pkgname/other-web-server.example.conf
  • /usr/share/webapps/$pkgname
  • /var/... (according to generic FHS conventions)

/var and /etc/ files and/or directories should be symlinked into /usr/share/webapps/$pkgname.

/etc/webapps/$pkgname/ should contain some examples which helps to setup web-server to run this web application.