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WeeChat is a highly extendable and feature rich IRC Client currently under heavy development.


Template:Package Official is available in the [extra] repo. Install by running:

# pacman -S weechat

There is also Template:Package AUR in the AUR, install with your favorite AUR Helper or makepkg.

Running WeeChat

WeeChat is going to have multiple interfaces at some point, run weechat-[interface] to start WeeChat.

As WeeChat currently only has a Ncurses interface the command to start WeeChat is:

# weechat-curses

Configuring SSL

Many IRC servers, including freenode where #archlinux is, support SSL.

If you're making a server with /server add -ssl to the end of the line, for example:

/server add FreenodeSSL chat.freenode.net/7000 -ssl
Warning: Some servers need the ssl_dhkey_size value changed to something lower, for example if you're using freenode you'll need to set /set irc.server.FreenodeSSL.ssl_dhkey_size 1024
Note: different servers may, and probably will have a different port than 7000, this is server specific.

You can do the same thing if using /connect.

/connect chat.freenode.net/7000 -ssl

Alternative Clients

Other clients include

External Links

WeeChat Home Page

WeeChat Scripts