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[[Category:Gaming (English)]]
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{{i18n|Wii Hacking}}

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A few starting packages for hacking the Wii on Arch Linux. Also see Wiibrew.org for a guide to getting homebrew setup on the Wii.

Native Coding

  • wiiload lets you upload games to the Homebrew Channel
  • devkitppc for a basic toolchain (compiler) for C and C++ development.
  • libogc for libraries that work with the Wii, for working with graphics, wiimote, etc.
  • sdl-wii - a library for SDL on the Wii.
  • libfat-ogc - a library for FAT handling (used in USB flash drives).

Game Hacking

  • reggie - Level Editor for New Super Mario Bros. Wii.
  • riifs - a networked server for Riivolution to run file replacement hacks on the Wii.
  • arctool for opening .arc files found in Wii game discs.
  • arcman
  • u8it for working with u8 archives found in Wii game discs.


  • cwiid - a library in C for working with the Wii Remote.
  • libwiimote - a library in C for working with the Wii Remote.
  • xwii - lets you control your computer from your Wii remote (even has Shell command support).
  • xwii-hypocorism
  • pymote


  • dolphin-emu - the dominant emulator for the Wii (also supports Gamecube).
  • dolphin-emu-svn-bin (Binaries) - if you do not have the time to compile it.

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