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There is currently a need for volunteers to edit the wiki. This is a position where anyone wanting to pay back the Arch community is welcome to join; wiki registration is free! Also, there may be a chance at a more formal position as a wiki maintainer if you would like to take on this task. A wiki maintainer would have access to the restricted pages, and may also have access to the backend to change the look, feel, and style of the wiki. There has also been talk of porting the wiki to another framework again. While this is unlikely and unwise, someone with enough gumption may want to do this as well.

But before applying to do any of this, lets attempt to clean up what we have with the privileges we have. If you are interested in a wiki maintainer position, do some of the edits suggested below to show your interest and ability. If you're interested in helping out a bit right now, but not a long term position... do some of the edits suggested below to show your support!

  1. Reduce the number of categories. Scan the wiki for similar categories that should be combined into one to make it easier to navigate.
  2. Update translations. Ensure that all translations in languages you know are in sync with each other. Also feel free to add translations of pages that don't have any.
  3. Properly categorize translations. I'm not personally certain how the wiki works in this regard, but when I'm browsing the "HowTo's" category in English, its confusing to see foreign pages listed. Probably the best way to fix this is to have a main category for each language, and to have subcategories in each for the specific pages.
  4. Reduce and combine duplicate pages. There are old revisions of pages, pages with similar contents by different authors, and so on. These should be combined into single pages for each language.
  5. Create an Arch Guide in the wiki. This can be a combination of some of the existing pages (install guide, post install guide), as well as links into some of the others.
  6. Rewrite the main page to make wiki navigation more obvious. TBH, I'm not even sure how the wiki should be navigated; categories, howtos, search, maybe something else. Also link to some of the most important pages from the main page.
  7. Update the FAQ with relevant questions from the forum, and remove old questions. This should be an ongoing process; if someone volunteered to maintain it, that would be awesome.
  8. Cool Fix and update page styles. The wiki looks kind of unpadded. This will, of course, require additional privleges. If you find a solution, post to the bugtracker.
  9. Make sure all the pages have a similar style and layout -- similar use of headings, emphasis, code, and so on.
  10. Correct spelling, Grammar, and language use.
  11. Remove extraneous links and content. Make the text concise, tight, and readable. Remove personal reference; a lot of pages are written by authors in the first person "I like to..." "My machine...". Try to make it more professional sounding.
  12. Suggest other changes as you're browsing the wiki and come across them. Especially post those changes that you think need doing but you won't get to yourself.

In the long run, it is a goal to have wiki documentation so professional and easy to navigate that people will no longer be calling for extra install docs, documenters, or "ubuntuguide"-like documents. This is a community effort, but one of the problems with wiki maintenance is that it doesn't get much recognition. If you take on the task seriously, it can be arranged to give you a formal position as wiki maintainer. This gives the job purpose and recognition. It is still a community effort, but some people will have responsibility that helps the wiki reflect well on this community.